Member Name
Amy Chen Ting
English, Mandarin, Cantonese
Brand Name
Show Thin Town Body Management Centre
Product or service provided
SHOW THIN TOWN Body Management Center
Short description
SHOW THIN TOWN is a brand of high end skin care, body shaping management, plastic surgery and stem cell treatment. Currently it has 9 branches, located in the prime location of downtown Guangzhou. It is a well known brand in the slimming beauty industry.
Would Like to Connect with...
I would like to connect with everyone! More expats, more locals, more friends. At this time, we are mostly interested in meeting government officials, Embassies and foreign/ local organizations. Also we would like to establish relationships with media channels to promote our brand to investors and individuals who are looking for franchises of a good beauty salon chain.
How to Contact
WeChat: amy23june