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Cristiano Bernardi
English / Italian
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Food and wine distribution
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20 years in China with a strong knowledge of Food&Beverage industry. I am a sommelier, food lover (no matter if western or eastern), and keen to promote our wonderful Italian culinary tradition.

I do like to share my wine knowledge, time by time, through wine master classes or simple wine tastings.

A brief background that explains what inspired you to start your own business, program or project.

Share with all my friends, especially local Chinese, about Italian food and beverage tradition.

An introduction to your business products, services and/or initiatives.

Distribution of food and beverage products. Organization of funny events such as pool parties, brunches, where people meet and interact. Organisation of food and wine master classes to teach our potential students more about food and wine culture.
Would Like to Connect with...
Everyone. More expats, but more in general with local Chinese
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Phone number: 13902218755