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Bruno Anjos
Portuguese, Spanish, English, Mandarin (not fluent)
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Coach Bruno Anjos
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Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching
Short description
I am Bruno Anjos, a Portuguese and world citizen with a passion for achieving the highest human potential! I’m a master in Sports Science, a Football Coach, a Physical and Health Education Teacher and Coordinator and a Holistic Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Coach. I am a growth seeker and an everlasting learner, in love with people and the abundance and infinite possibilities of human achievement!

I understand that we only exist in the material world given that we have a body that allows our presence in it and so I am a true believer that we can only be at our best when our bodies and health are at their peak performance. My mission is to let people be conscious of this and to leave no body behind! I’ll work fearlessly with my clients to make sure that they have a fully express health and body and have all the conditions to achieve their true and ultimate potential!、

I've always been connected to health and sports and I find that people are not achieving their full potential because they're giving up on their health and their bodies, which doesn't allow them to perform at their best. I love people, I'm inspired by people, by high performers that want to perform at their best, achieve their fullest potential, and have a positive impact in the world.

- Holistic Health, Fitness and Lifestyle programs from 1 month to 6 months.
- 10X Fitness program with a minimum of 3 months enrollment.
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High achievers and pro-human individuals and organizations that want to be performing at their best so they can increase their positive impact in the world.
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Phone, Email and WeChat.