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Nour Bani Hani
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Sports Gym
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Being an athlete myself since the age of nine traveling around the world and seeing how fitness industry has developed in multiple different ways sadly most of it not in the favor of the athletes or members, and being in China for the last 16 years leading my business life in building gyms around the world (27 gyms) and of course continuing my workout plans in different gyms I found out that the fitness service started to disappear and most of the gyms or workout studios have become commercial advertisement money gathering, which is why I decided to start my own brand.

I have taken on the responsibility to bring back the fitness industry to it to original purpose serving and supporting people to achieve their goals without ripping them off. GINOUR SPORTSĀ® is a brand that stands for TRUE FITĀ® for us quality comes first and it will never be about quantity, guiding our clients to achieve their goals and help them to lift up their spirits through their achievements it's our mean target. We combine mind soul and body training, it is about merging these three elements in the human being existence that makes you feel better!
At GiNour Sports all our programs either for group classes or private personal training are pre-planned and organized in the way that the clients will get the most out of it and it's suitable for all levels and all ages!
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And about our nutrition plans and nutrition products we are not sponsored by any specific brands and that's for the reason that we don't want to push upon our clients the products that we have to sell we will advise our clients with the best supplements course that suits their body needs and will help them to achieve their goals. Our supplements are all from the high-qualified companies from around the world.
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Wechat: gntruefit