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Annie Lin
English, Chinese
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Natural honey from Australia
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Our Aussie manuka honey is very real and very pure. It has no additives and the bees are treated very well and no antibiotics are given to them. Every batch of honey is cold extracted to preserve all enzymes and antioxidants. The honey is sent for testing for its manuka strength before packaging. We have many levels of manuka honey, the higher the MGO level, the greater the strength of the honey in its effectiveness for health and wellbeing.
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I used to exhibit at tradeshows to meet wholesale clients. It ended up being too expensive, not very fruitful and trying to convince people Australia also has manuka honey was an uphill battle. Also, competing with cheap, blended honey was not my focus. So, now I put my energy just in the GuangDong region.
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Wechat ID:annieasianlin