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Pam Morrissey
New Zealand
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Pam Coaches Humans
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Coaching for Educators
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Pam is an experienced and passionate coach dedicated to empowering educators and fostering personal growth. With a background in teaching and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by female expat teachers, Pam brings a unique perspective to her coaching practice. She specialises in providing transformative coaching services tailored to the needs of teachers in the Asia Pacific region.
As an advocate for self-care and personal growth, Pam understands the importance of prioritising well-being while pursuing professional excellence. She incorporates holistic practices and mindset shifts into her coaching approach, allowing educators to thrive both personally and professionally.
Whether you're seeking career guidance, leadership development, or support in overcoming burnout, Pam is here to empower and guide you. Step into a transformative coaching experience with Pam and unlock your true potential as an educator in the dynamic landscape of China and beyond.
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Pam offers a range of coaching programmes designed to support educators at various stages of their careers. Whether you're an early-career teacher seeking guidance, an experienced educator looking to take your leadership skills to the next level, or someone in need of burnout recovery and stress management, Pam has a coaching solution for you. Through her Career Clarity programme, Pam helps teachers reconnect with their passion for teaching, define their career goals, and develop strategies for professional growth. She guides educators in navigating career transitions, exploring new opportunities, and making informed decisions about their teaching journey. Pam's Leadership Excellence programme is designed for aspiring or current educational leaders who want to enhance their leadership skills and make a greater impact. With a focus on effective communication, team building, and strategic planning, Pam empowers leaders to create positive change within their educational institutions. Recognising the prevalence of burnout among educators, Pam offers a specialised Burnout Recovery programme. Through this programme, she supports teachers in overcoming burnout, managing stress, and cultivating well-being. By providing practical tools, self-care strategies, and personalised guidance, Pam helps educators restore balance and rediscover their joy for teaching.
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WeChat: pamcoacheshumans
LinkedIn: Pam Morrissey