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Roisin Bergin
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ESL Instruction for Young Learners
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Online Self-Paced Course and Lesson Plans
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Subject: EFL - ESL - ELD.
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My goal with this training is to help all of those teaching ESL children from 1-6 years. Teachers, aspiring Teachers, Kindergartens, Language Centres to deliver child centred, fun, engaging, age appropriate, effective, best practices both you and your students will be sure to love!

This training course is designed to bring joy to your classes as a practical resource, giving you all of the tools, techniques and confidence in delivering high quality learning experiences catering for your specific age bracket. I hope you get loads of value out of it and find it super inspiring for your teaching!

What You’ll Receive in the Course Bundle:

-Solid insight into ensuring understanding for an ESL Learner.

-Top tips for passing on instructions to young ESL children.

-The know how on incorporating music into an ESL classroom/ lesson.

-Child development research based classroom management techniques for young ESL Learners.

-Everything you need to know on common routines for an ESL Kindergarten classroom/ lesson.

-The ins and outs of setting up an ESL classroom.

-The process of learning a second language for young children and the developmental continuum of early learning skills in a nutshell.

-Differentiated, detailed, top quality, ready-to-go lesson plans without the out-dated flashcards and worksheets.

*Topics & lesson plans covered in the bundle can also be bought separately.
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