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Audrey Tournier
French and English
Brand Name
Slow Living
Product or service provided
Natural & organic, skincare, aromatherapy
Short description
Slow Living is a brand of handmade organic skincare, plant based candles and aromatherapy products, created in 2014 in HK and China.

We are certified aromatherapist from Aromahead Florida, and certified organic skincare formulator from Formula Botanical UK. We bring the best of nature to help people achieve radiant skin, balanced emotions and relaxation.

We also offer professional diffusion solutions for companies, and fragrance design for events. As well as craft our own formulations and source our ingredients from reputable organic certified suppliers

We also offer 1 to 1 professional aromatherapy sessions (remotely or in person), to help with the below issues:

- Skin issues: acne, eczema, psoriasis, redness...

- Emotional issues: stress, mild depression, low energy, anger management, sadness...

- Small injuries: burns, cut, sprains, inflammation...

- Scar healing

- Relaxation: bath salts, massage blends, diffusor blends, sleep blends, and more.

- Spirituality & self development: energetic blends, aura sprays, and more.
Would Like to Connect with...
- Anyone who would like to know there are high quality natural products and professional aromatherapy consultations available in China - Those organizing events or hosting workshops related to skin care, aromatherapy, organic products. - Connect to companies that might need these services for incentives, employee wellness policy, mindful corporate gifts or team building
How to Contact
WeChat: atournier

Instagram: slowlivingHK

Soon: Douyin